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The Match Fund

At Card Factory Foundation, we believe in supporting the incredible charitable efforts of our Card Factory PLC colleagues. That's why the Card Factory Foundation is excited to introduce our updated match funding guidelines to enhance your fundraising impact. Here's a quick overview:

  • Match funding is available to current Card Factory PLC colleagues actively fundraising for a charity.

  • Card Factory Foundation matches funds raised, up to £2,500, supporting your efforts directly.

  • Aim to raise a minimum of £50 to qualify for match funding, making impactful contributions accessible to all.

  • Transparent and accountable, we may request evidence of funds raised, maintaining program integrity.

  • Once verified, funds are promptly transferred to the nominated charity within 60 days of the successful decision.

  • Colleagues are allowed a maximum of two successful applications per financial year (February to January).

If you are raising money for charitable causes, please read the Match Fund policy and fill out the form below to apply* for funding.

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